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Recently I saw a movie in which the main characters were two brothers named Anton and Mark. Both of them were raised with the same values by the same Yiddish parents and shared the same bedroom through their childhood. By my expectations they were supoistu be similar to each other in most ways, but it was not the case. Their personalities, goals, professions (careers), and social outlooks were broadly different. I personally felt closer to Anton because of his personality, goals, professions (careers), and social outlooks. He became a perfect example for my own actins. Now, whenever I encounter difficult situation, I ask my self "What, Anton would do and who he would react?" Their personalities were totally different. Anton was romantic, sentimental, responsible, and emotional optimist but Mark was embodied and incarnated pragmatist that cared only about his own welfare. The examples of that were their marriages (relationships) Anton adored his wife's beauty and respected her individuality.

He did not loose attraction to her (even) when she gained wait after childbirth. He had disagreements with his wife, but he always tried make their marriage work and to solve the problems. Fresh flowers were always in their house. He had bought one purple rouse every single day on a way from work. Mark's, marriage was also a result of mutual love, but later his attraction to his wife disappeared. He saw that there were other women with a batter look and figure, younger and prettier. After a few years he wanted to get a divorce but understood that it would mean that he was going to lose one half of what he had. His house, money, and stocks would be divided. Because his wife was not working, he thought that whatever they had belonged to him. The next day after...