No True Cultural Excellence

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By valentina stackl Aren't we all humans? Isn't it more an inner goal of excellence we are trying to achieve. An inner goal that varies from one person to another, rather than a comparison we try to find between different cultures? I started reading my three books, "no disrespect" by Sista Souljah, "the motorcycle diaries" by Che Guevara and "notes form the hyenas belly" by Nega Mezlekia with only "comparison" in mind. I tried to find clues and hidden messages, to find some similarity between the African, African American and South American culture. All three books where about young people, making revolution, going their own path, they all where little specks in a big picture. Some bigger then other, but still just one part of a bigger revolution. One being in the 50's (motorcycle diaries) an other in the 70's (notes from a hyenas belly) and the last one in the 80's (no disrespect) it wasn't even the same revolution we are talking about.

There are 2 types of revolutions in no disrespect. Sista, a young black girl growing up in the ghettos of a big American city, is the main character. When she goes off to college, she finally meets people with the same feelings she has. She seemed the only one interested in books in high school, while the others went out and got high, had unprotected sex, ending up as children with children. In college she started going to meetings of different clubs that discussed racial issues. She found friends who she talked with, really talked with till late at night. She was but a tiny piece of a revolution, a revolution of young black Americans that don't take everything for granted. In her personal way she fought for children in the ghettos, so they...