No Two People are Exactly Alike (Lost Horizon)

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Everybody has their own "style." In James Hilton's Lost Horizon, the four travelers are their own person in every way. None of the four act in the same manner as another. Their different traits are displayed throughout the novel.

The most "leader type" of them all is Conway, who is the one that everyone respects the most. Everyone comes to him with their problems or questions. During the time that they are all on the plane, he gives his answers to their questions with "the detached fluency of a university professor" (38). Conway is also very calm and easy-going. When all of the travelers are climbing the mountain, Mallinson complains. He wants to know what they are going to do. Conway replied smoothly "'there are times in life when the most comfortable thing is to do nothing at all'" (64). Also, when the voyagers resided in Shangri-La for a while, Conway is also very respectful to people.

When Conway speaks to the "High-Lama," he speaks with the utmost respect and admiration to him, like when he says to him "I felt it a signal honor to be received by you" (132). Conway is also the most trustful, his lips sealed with secrets. When Mallinson has his theory about Barnard, he trusts Conway with his thoughts. He also respects his answer.

Mallinson is a little different than Conway. He is the rowdy one who cannot sit still. He always wants to get something done about a situation. When they are all on the plane, he tries to fix their situation by playing the "big-dog" role by saying he is going to "tackle him (the pilot) right away" (46) to try and save them all. He's also the young one of the bunch, within his mid-twenties. Charles Mallinson is also...