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Fabrication Instructions 1. Take a length of body tube and cut it to the length of 7 inches. Take another length and cut it to 12 inches.

2. Glue paper rings to one end of the 7 inch tube and space them 2 inches apart.

3. Glue the 7 inch body tube to the 12 inch body tube by putting glue on the inside of the 12 inch tube and inserting the 7 inch tube.

4. Coat the outside of the yellow paper engine block with glue and push it into the 12 inch tube the length of one engine.

5. Cut the fins out of balsa wood.

6. Mark the 12 inch tube using the end view drawing as reference.

7. Glue the fins onto the 12 inch body tube along the markings.

8. Glue on the straw to the 12 inch body tube.

9. Cut out the crescent shape that attaches both body tubes and glue it around the body tube.

10. Fold and glue the cord and the trapezoid shaped paper. It should be folded in thirds, then glued to the inside of the 7 inch body tube.

11. Attach the cord to the nose cone.

12. Take the streamer and tie it to the middle of the cord.

13. Fold the streamer in half and roll it up and stick it into the body tube.

14. Pack the rest of the cord into the body tube and put the nose cone into the body tube.