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"His style is classical, simple refined and colourful". This is how people who regularly read the writings of this year's literature Nobel prize winner Jean Marie Gustavo Le Clezio. He is the 14th French man to win this prestigious award. This 68- year- old French man lives in the USA but often returns to his native in France.

His career is 45-years long and has written more than 50 works which include novels, short stories, children's books, translations of Indian mythology, essays, and non-fiction. Books of photos and countless articles in newspapers and periodicals. His works reflect the suffering human conditions around the world.

The Swedish academy spokesman while announcing the winner of this year's prize said, "His works have a cosmopolitan character, a French man more so a traveler and the citizen of the world" A French opinion poll result named him the greatest writer of the French language! ""I write because I love writing," says Le Clezio.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy hailed Le Clezio as "one of our greatest writers who embodies the grandeur and influence of France, its culture and its values in a globalised world."Le Clezio will be richer by 10 million kronor (1.02 million Euro's, 1.42 million dollars) apart from a Nobel diplomaIn 1967, he was posted in Thailand under military service but he was expelled because he denounced child prostitution as his writing mostly was an exploration of child hood and his own family history. He was critical of the materialism of the west and he expressed concern for the poor. His present day writings evolves around the the childhood stage and its complications especially in unfavorable surroundings.

After the announcement of Nobel prize , Le Clezio said:"Like all literary prizes, this prize is very encouraging. And this makes me...