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The Nobel Savage in the Novel The Last of the Mohicans The novel The Last of the Mohicans is said to be the worst of James Fenimore Coopers novels but it establishes the concept of the Nobel savage by expressing the emotions, concerns, physical descriptions of the main characters while comparing them to the barbarous Huron leader. The Mohicans (Hawk-eye, Uncas, Chingachgook) were on a journey towards Kentucky to live a freer life and escape the violent and indolent wars of the white man. During that time they crossed paths with a group of Huron's who were battling a small army of British soldiers that were escorting to fort Henry, two beautiful women by the name of Alice and Cora. All died in that gruesome battle except for Alice, Cora, Major Heward and David (a Christian singer from Connecticut Levy). The Hurons who fought for the French were led by the most evil and barbarous leader by the name of Magua who's goal was to seek revenge upon William Henry for the British killing his family and making his reputation to be lower than the flies.

Magua was about to kill the two women when the Mohicans jumped in a saved them. Magua escaped. The Mohicans took upon the duty of escorting Alice and Cora safety to there father only out of good will. During the escort to Fort Henry they stopped at a cave to rest the delicate feet of the two women. During the night they were attacked by Magua and his tribe of savages who were shooting at them from across the river. The Mohicans and the travelers were trapped, out gunned and out of powder Chingachgook, Uncas, and Hawk-eye were forced to jump off a cliff to survive the attack. Left behind was David...