"Nobody Nowhere" by Donna Williams.

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The name of the book that I read was Nobody Nowhere, and the author was Donna Williams. The book was an autobiography about an autistic woman named Donna Williams. She basically tells you what life is like mentally, physically, and emotionally for her. She starts telling her story at the age of three until the age of twenty-six. She never learned to speak until the age of ten, and even then all she could do was repeat what other people said. This was tough for her but yet so many other things were too. She developed multiple personalities: Willie and Carol. When she was meeting new people, she was Willie. He was tough and mean to everyone. She had social issues because she did not know the proper way to act. She also would let no one touch her or look her in the eye. She looked through people or away.

She never once cried because she did not know how to feel so she would cut her face showing her emotions. She ran away from home several times and even tried to commit suicide because of her home life. Her mom would mentally abuse her and call her crazy and tell her she was worth nothing. She eventually moved out on her own at nineteen. She lived with several different guys that took her money and beat her. She would also move exactly every three months because she couldnt stand being in one place for any longer then that. Later on in life she had met a family that had kindly taken her in and sent her to a special school. From going to the school she learned how to properly speak and write. She eventually saw a psychiatrist where she soon learned that she had autisim. She read a book about it and became furious and upset about her life. From this, she decided to write her own book about her life to help others that are also called "crazy" when their just mentally ill like herself.

I loved this book because I had no idea what autism was about and I liked that is was an autobiography and not a made up story. There is not much that I didnt like about the book, except some parts were very disturbing and made me cry. This book was a definite learning experience for me and because of this book i became highly interested in helping and meeting others who are mentally ill like Donna was. So far ive been volunteering at my local hospital for seven months ever since I read this book helping out in the childrens ward reading and just playing with mentally ill children. I would definitly recommend this book to others!