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In today's high-tech world, most people see mobile phones as a part of their everyday life. Mobile phones are convenient and transportable and it comes in a variety of design, shape and colour with different functions. Nokia, being the leading brand in the mobile phone market have successfully expanded their market by achieving more than 1.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions globally. With Nokia's mission to connect people, they help fulfill a fundamental human need for social connection and contact. Nokia build bridges between people-both when they are far apart and far apart. It also bridges the gap between people and the information they need.

Question 1

The major reason that mobile phones are becoming an essential part of societies' daily lives is the fact that utilizing this gadget brings about numerous benefits. Fundamentally, it provides means of communication in an easy and convenient manner (Nokia, 2006). As technology advances, (few more sentences).

However, like any other goods in the market, there is the issue of opportunity cost to be considered. The main sources of opportunity cost in the case for Nokia consumers includes the time spend talking and messaging, the money spent on recharge coupons and the potential health risk caused by the radiation (Fox, 2001). Thus, for the betterment of their assets, Nokia consumers' time spending talking and messaging via the mobile phone can be utilized more efficiently by working things that brings about more benefits, such as studying for students. Further, the money spent on recharge coupons can be best invested in the case of emergency or for future needs. As for health wise, consumers should get themselves involved in healthy activities which can increase their well-being instead of deteriorating it.

However, despite the issue of opportunity cost, there is still a great demand for Nokia mobile...