Non-Discriminatory Work Environment Essay

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While work environments continue to become diverse and are needed to set against a multi-cultural backdrop of workforce, discrimination and prejudice would at times affect decision making in various aspects of the workplace. Discrimination are activities that excludes or prefers a certain race, genders, ages in treating, training and employment that surely impairs equality of opportunity to accessing of job security and conditions of employment.

However, there are methods found in work processes that ensure non-discrimination in the work environment. The most common activity can be found in the hiring of workers and employees. Usually, employers are given the final hand in the decision of whom to recruit into the workforce. Depending on their requirements, companies set certain criteria to determine the kind of workforce that will be forming the company. However, to ascertain non-discrimination in hiring males and females, the company can set rules of the percentages of men and women who will be taken in a given pool that are qualified in terms of talent and skills.

For example, if, as the result of a screening interview, 50% of all white male applicants pass but only 20% of females or "minorities" pass, then the screening interview can be presumed to have discriminatory impact because the pass-rate of minorities is only 40% of white male candidates. If, however; 50% of white males pass and 44% of minorities pass, then the pass-rate of minorities would be 88% of white males and may be presumed to be non-discriminatory, since the 44% pass-rate for minorities is not less than 80% of the 50% pass-rate for white males (SSS Consulting, 2005).

Part of this activity of looking into percentages is a guide that helps recruitment ensures non-discrimination. It helps to have this guide before the start of the recruitment process. Although it still...