Non-drug methods for treatment and prevention of acne, facial blemishes, etc.

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While the fastest and most effective methods of treatment for acne are usually expensive drugs and topical creams prescribed by dermatologists, there are a variety of methods that a person can do to improve their physical image. I cannot stress this enough--the number one cause of faceacne, blemishes, etc. are hands - yes, hands. Every day we go through life and our hands touch a lot of things, and usually every time you touch something you pick up microscopic bacteria and then every time you touch your face you the spread that bacteria onto your face, which ends up infecting your face. Therefore, the first thing that can be done for facial appearance is to touch your face only when you absolutely have to, and when you do, try to touch with your fingernail not the entire finger. It also helps if you wash your hands often.

Another cause of acne that surprises a lot of people is "different" fluids.

What I mean by this is sodas, tea, coffee, etc. Just about everything that you drink besides water and milk, especially if drunk in excess, will increase outbreaks. Water not only gives you health - everybody's heard "drink eight to ten" glasses of water a day - but it will also clear you skin. Water nourishes your skin by refreshing it and moisturizing it internally which then smoothes it on the surface and gives it a healthy texture. The bottom line is this - less sodas and more water = decrease in acne and blemishes.

Two things that will significantly decrease wrinkles - a bigger concern for girls - is when you dry your face, gently pat your face with the towel instead of rubbing. The second thing you can do is to condition yourself to sleep on your...