Non-Duality by Chantelle Pelletier

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The bell tolls at four in the morning.

I stand by the window,

barefoot on the cool floor.

The garden is still dark.

I wait for the mountains and rivers to reclaim their shapes.

There is no light in the deepest hours of the night.

Yet, I know you are there

in the depth of the night,

the immeasurable world of the mind.

You, the known, have been there

ever since the knower has been.

The dawn will come soon,

and you will see

that you and the rosy horizon

are within my two eyes.

It is for me that the horizon is rosy

and the sky blue.

Looking at your image in the clear stream,

you answer the question by your very presence.

Life is humming the song of the non-dual marvel.

I suddenly find myself smiling

in the presence of this immaculate night.

I know because I am here that you are there,

and your being has returned to show itself

in the wonder of tonight's smile.

In the quiet stream,

I swim gently.

The murmur of the water lulls my heart.

A wave serves as a pillow

I look up and see

a white cloud against the blue sky,

the sound of Autumn leaves,

the fragrance of hay-

each one a sign of eternity.

A bright star helps me find my way back to myself.

I know because you are there that I am here.

The stretching arm of cognition

in a lightning flash,

joining together a million eons of distance,

joining together birth and death,

joining together the known and the knower.

In the depth of the night,

as in the immeasurable realm of consciousness,

the garden of life and I

remain each other's objects.

The flower of being is singing the song of emptiness.