Non-employment Conflict Management

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Non-employment Conflict Management

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Non-employment Conflict Management

There are many threats to the world's ecosystems, the single greatest threat, is our failure to solve environmental disputes, (Caplan, 2007). This paper will identify the potential non-organizational conflicts that could arise for Dam Builders, the company that is building the dams for the Wamayo River Basin. According the Simulation (2010), the decreasing volume of salmon in Wamayo River Basin has caused serious conflicts with certain interest groups that have their own idea of how the Wamayo can be used. The environmentalists want to preserve the wildlife, while commercial industry's goal is to use the water to produce electricity, increasing their profits. Due to the nature of the conflict, using the alternative dispute resolution of arbitration will be considered to resolve the conflict, allowing the parties to save money from the costs of litigation.

In the case of the Wamayo River Basin projects, the proposed building of dams has affected multiple stakeholders' use of the waterways (Simulation, 2010). The contractor, Dam Builders, has decided there is a need to develop a conflict management system. A conflict management system is used for preventing the escalation of conflict and enhancing corporate performance using an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique. This paper will show the company's choice of ADR technique as a recommendation to Wamayo Basin Management and Conservation Department (WBMCD), how to plan and implement the method, and mitigating risks through metric analysis.

Potential Non-Organizational Conflict Identifications

Dam Builders has a contract to build additional dams along the Wamayo River and its tributaries in the Wamayo River Basin. According to Simulation (2010), the dams will be used to generate hydropower, an inexpensive, non-polluting, and renewable energy source that...