Non-Employment Conflict Management Worksheet

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Week Four Assignment

Non-Employment Conflict Management Worksheet


Application of Concept in Scenario

Citation of Concept in Reading

Personal Experience in your Organization

Fractionation, the way to reduce conflict by breaking down large conflicts into smaller pieces so it can be more manageable.

"Fractionation not only involves defining conflict parties but also involves making small conflicts out of larger ones (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007, p. 233).

M-Core can fraction the conflict with the remaining homeowners. Council Member Brenda Peterson has been a long-time friend and next door neighbor of one of the homeowners, Tracy Little, who lives with her ailing mother. M-Core should fraction this conflict by agreeing that after Tracy's mother's death, the property will be sold to M-Core.

By using the process of fractionation, M-Core's negotiators can meet with the three homeowners informally to discuss their situation to find an ideal solution rather than offering a large buyout offer. The fractionation approach is more cost effective and has the possibility of improving the relationship between the residents and M-Core.

"Fractionating conflict does not make it disappear, of course; it simply makes the components of large conflicts more approachable by parties who are trying to manage their disputes" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007, p. 233).

My company was seeking an ideal solution to laying off four key employees. Instead of offering the same package to each employee, the company decided to assess the individual needs of the employee to create a valuable offer that appeals to their ideal desired outcome.


The interference with one another in conflict while engaging in an expressed struggle.

Interdependent means "each needs something from the other and they are vulnerable if they don't get it"(Dana 2001, p. 4).

Tracy Little is opposed to the deal M-Core is proposing through a letter...