Non Infectous Diseases

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Vocabulary 1. Cardiovascular diseases "" medical disorders that affect the heart and blood vessels 2. Arteriosclerosis "" hardening of the arteries 3. Angia pectons "" pain and tightness in the chest caused by the lack of oxygen to the heart 4. Fibrillation "" the rapid ineffective beating of the heart in one of two chambers call ventricles 5. Congestive heart failure "" a slow gradual weakening of the heart muscle from overwork 6. Stroke "" an interruption of the flow of blood to any part of the brain 7. Hypertension "" high blood pressure 8. Noninfectious diseases "" diseases that are not transmitted by means of a pathogen 9. Tumors "" masses of tissue 10. Benign "" noncancerous 11. Malignant "" cancerous 12. Metastasis "" the spread of cancer from the point where it originated to the other parts of the body 13. Carcinogen "" a cancer causing substance in the environment 14.

Melanoma "" often deadly type of skin cancer 15. Biopsy "" a laboratory analysis of a section of tissue taken from a site where abnormal cell growth is suspected 16. Chemotherapy "" the use of anti-cancer medications in the treatment of cancer 17. Cancer "" uncontrolled cell growth 18. Diabetes "" a chronic disease that affects the way body cells convert food into energy 19. Insulin "" a hormone that is produced in the pancreases and that helps the body convert glucose to energy 20. Impaired glucose tolerance "" a condition in which blood and sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as diabetes 21. Arthritis "" covers at least 100 different conditions that cause aching, pain, and swelling in joints and connective tissue throughout the body 22. Rheumatoid "" mainly a destructive and disabling inflammation of the joint 23. Osteoarthritis...