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Philanthropy Lenders LLCSTRATEGIC PLAN OUTLINEI.Executive SummaryII.Company BackgroundIII.Mission StatementIV.Vision StatementV.Values StatementVI.Environment Analysisa.Internal Environmentb.External EnvironmentVII.Short Term ObjectivesVIII.Long Term ObjectivesIX.Strategic AnalysisX.Plan Goals and ImplementationXI.Financial Projections and AnalysisXII.Critical Success FactorsXIII.Controls and EvaluationI.Executive SummaryAs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of, Philanthropy Lenders LLC (PLL), I am pleased to announce that the company has formulated a strategy plan that upon deployment will enter Helping Hands, Inc. into the global market. According to the text (Pearce, Robinson, 2003), strategic management is defined as the set of decisions and actions that result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve a company's objectives. It comprises nine critical tasks:1.Formulate the company's mission, including broad statements about its purpose, philosophy, and goals.

2.Conduct an analysis that reflects the company's internal conditions and capabilities.

3.Assess the company's external environment, including both the competitive and the general contextual factors.

4. Analyze the company's options by matching its resources with the external environment5.

Identify the most desirable options by evaluating each option in light of the company's mission.

6.Select a set of long-term objectives and grand strategies that will achieve the most desirable options.

7.Develop annual objectives and short-term strategies that are compatible with the selected set of long-term objectives and grand strategies.

8.Implement the strategic choices by means of budgeted resource allocations in which the matching of tasks, people, structures, technologies, and reward systems is emphasized.

9.Evaluate the success of the strategic process as an input for future decision making.

The above directives were developed and reviewed by Philanthropy Lenders LLC,'s corporate strategy team. Various strategic process and tools were utilized to measure the relevance or direction of key points within the plan. A deployment plan was also formulated to assist with control and evaluation of the company's overall success.

In efforts...