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YELLOW FEVER Yellow fever occured in 1793. It killed 10% of the population of Philadelphia. Yellow fever is a virus infection transmitted to humans by the bite of the mosquito (Aedes aegypt).

The fever is mostly in the parts of Africa and South America. Ships were quarantined in the late 1700s to control yellow fever.

The yellow fever virus often damages many body tissues, such as the brain and heart, but especilly the liver. As a result of liver damage, yellow bile pigments gather in the skin and give the disease its name.

If a person has yellow fever and they don't know it the symptoms will show. They are: Shivering attack, High fever, Severe headache, Bone pains, Dizziness, and Mild confusion.

If some of the people get the disease they will recover quickly, but for others the fever may drop for a day or two and it rises steeply.

The skin turns yellow and the gums and stomach lining are bleeding.

Many people recover from this stage, other poeple become delirious and go into a coma. Sometimes death follows after the coma. People who recover from the yellow feverhave a long-life immunity to the damage.

If a person has yellow fever and wants to get rid of it, there is no cure for it. All you take is intravenous fluids, antinauseant drugs and if necessary, have a kidney dialysis, as well as skilled medical and nursing care in the hospitial.

Yelllow fever was giving the nickname "Yellow Jacket".

If you are going on a trip where the disease is endemic, you must be immunized. Also, many countries are very fussy about this particular vaccination, and you won't be admitted unless you have documented evidence that you have been protected.

If you are pregnant, you do...