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BRIAN C. COFFEY Margaret Thomas Evans English 111 (G) January 23, 2002 "007" My struggle with writing reached its apex when I took English 007. When I made the commitment to begin college, I knew I must tackle the most dreaded course first, English. I realized that I must begin with a remedial course since my writing ability was so weak and English 007 was my beginning course.

Writing for me was and still is my worst nightmare. I have never been able to compose a theme on my own. I have good ideas but cannot put my thoughts down on paper. I have had to rely on my family members to get me through high school English and where I am today. As with every other paper I have written, this one is no different. I have relied on many family members to help me construct this piece, in order to express my thoughts without leaving important information about my writing habits.

During the first few weeks of English 007, I actually enjoyed attending. The teacher seemed intent upon helping me overcome my inability to write a decent theme. There were many visits to her office for extra help and encouragement and I was beginning to feel a little better about my chances of becoming a writer.

Then the unthinkable happen. I was in her office getting extra help because my paper was very weak. But she was not very helpful, that day all she could do was put my writing down and call me stupid. Plus she told me I would never get anywhere writing like a kid. I told her that she was my English professor and I took this class so she could help me become a better writer for English 111, not for her to hurt my ego or skills.

The end of the semester came and she failed me because I could not write. Then had the nerve to tell me to take her class over so I could learn to write well? I told her that even though she failed me I still learned from my mistakes and from her calling me stupid. So I think I am ready for English 111 and with no help from her along the way only, from people that care.

The semester's rolled on and I just kept pushing English 111 away. The thought of having to write papers scared me and I dreaded having to do it. So here I am my second year in college and just now taking it. Wondering if I will pass, knowing I need to and having family members and a love one pushing me all the way, telling me I can do it and don't give up. I just need to be started off in the right direction to get going. With your help and my determination, I will leave this class with the knowledge and skills to write an excitable college level piece.