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Currently going back and forth in land in avg. land(2nd or 3rd) Top 5 in avg. nw 1A.

Veteran or newbie?(It doesn't matter!) Like to both netgain and fight when it's needed? If so, La Cosa Nostra is the place for you. Netgaining we put 10-15 players in the top 100, not to mention top 5 in avg networth, with even a 2nd place finish a couple resets ago.

Fighting? We do that, too. Looking to learn the ropes of fighting? Do you crave the time when countries fall at each other's hands? If so, join LCN and you can help kill enemies that bother every alliance when we're not at war.

Strat help? We have one of the best strat gurus in Jonah. He will give you a SOLID strat to help you become the best you can be. We will guide your country to steer you in the right direction.

Family atmosphere? La Cosa Nostra roughly translates into "The Our Thing." We have lots of spam, a "feet for Q" forum, and even a "Whore whaler's fantasy forum" to fit your tastes!. There's our newspaper called The Constra which features interviews with members, and chicks ofcourse :) There's even a BamSmith bible thumping forum for discussion for anyone who wants to visit it.

Tag protection? Tired of getting farmed in your alliance? Want to netgain without worrying about excessive hits? Want to be protected from unjust alliances wanting to push you around?