"A Noon Song"

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OANH TRAN PV1 11/10/11

"A Noon Song" is a nature poem by Henry Van Dyke. When I heard the title of this poem, I thought this one can be a song. When I read the poem the first time, I realized this poem represents the beautiful picture of the sun, wind, star, moon and everything around me. This imagery and symbolisms in this poem made me realize that I often fail to pay attention to the most beautiful, yet insignificant, small things in life. The word choice and diction create a surreal landscape that pervades my unending reality.

The author describes the poem around me very creative and artistic. These first line "These are songs for the morning and songs for the night. / For sunrise and sunset, the stars and the moon." The writer perceives we have a lot of songs for the morning, night, sunrise, sunset, the stars and the moon.

But the author "But who will give praise to the fulness of light, / And sing us a song of the glory noon?" The light and the noon are also the part of the sky, but nobody pay attention for them. They just interested in the beauty of the morning with sunset and stars or moon of night. Every people on the world need the light for their life. That could be the light of the sun, the light of lamp, the light of moon or the light of billion stars on the night sky. The light seems normal but really important. Besides, people forgot the noon is a connection between the morning and the night. They start their day in the morning and finish in the evening. And the noon is the main part of their day. The more I read the poem, the more...