What is normal?

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No Such Thing as "Normal"

These days everyone is obsessed with being normal. No one wants to stand out or be different; they want to be the same as the people around them. Then again, no one wants to be like everyone else. They want to be different yet at the same time normal. This may seem contradictory, but it's very true. But how is this possible? If "normal" means being different, than doesn't that negate the definition? In reality, it doesn't because "normal" doesn't exist. Being "normal" is no more than an idea; it can't be proven to be true or false. Everyone's definition of normal is different. When people say they want you to be normal, it's them wanting you to be their opinion of normal. People make up their own little concept of normal to make themselves feel better about themselves or so they can make themselves believe that their problems can be helped if they were just "normal.

Whether it's an aspect of life, family, wardrobe or a human being. Normal is something exactly the same as you; your sense of self, and everyone and everything like it. The morals and ideas, which are different to those that we're familiar with and easily accept, are not normal.

Things that I perceive as "normal" won't be the same as everybody else. I think that the household I've grown up in is normal, with my two parents and my brother. I can imagine a family of three or four kids being normal but to me a family of 10 kids just isn't. The clothes I wear aren't boring or too loud, but I do follow trends a lot and that's something that although it's normal, I find myself wondering why I conform to certain standards. A few months...