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The North American beaver

Background info;

The North American Beaver or (Castor Canadensis) is one of the world's most interesting creatures. The Beaver is one of the world's largest rodents and Beavers' ability to change the landscape is second only to humans. They are even the only animal with true water proof fur. However in the late 1800s beaver populations were down because of how much their pelt was worth for making clothes.

Where is the North American Beaver found?

They are found throughout North America except for Florida, the deserts, Mexico, and the northern most parts of Canada. Most commonly the Beaver will be found in or close to water because their homes are usually dames they construct in the water.

What habitats do they enjoy?

The beaver enjoys rivers, streams, ponds, small lakes, and marshes. They build homes made of sticks and mud on islands, on pond banks, or on lake shores.

Beaver dams are dome shaped and can be up to ten feet tall. Beaver homes have one large opening and one or two entrances. The floor of the opening is a little above the water and is mostly covered in pieces of wood to absorb moisture and keep out rain better. A vent in the structure lets in fresh air. However not all beavers build homes like a dam, some beavers build passageways in the banks of rivers.

How, when and what do they feed on?

Most of the beaver's diet is made up of tree bark and cambium, which is the soft tissue that grows under bark of trees. The animal has been known to like the bark of willow, maple, birch, aspen, cottonwood, peach, poplar, and alder trees. Beavers also eat other plants, roots, buds and various water plants. The way the beaver eats...