North Korea Human Rights Abuse

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Michael Kirby, the chairman of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), had passed on a report against North Korea's atrocious actions towards its citizens. Members of the panel said North Koreans has suffered "unspeakable atrocities", and those responsible, including leader Kim Jong-un, must face justice. The organization had collected evidence against the reign for torture, political repression, arbitrary detention, starvation, denial of freedom and other crimes.

Kim Jong-un had refused to co-operate with the report and its conclusions. Moreover, North Korea labeled the report as a 'fabricated concoction of lies and deceits' by their enemies, including South Korea and the United States.

Even though the issue of 'human rights violations' in North Korea has been brought up in the public domain, the UN members take the main decision. South Korea and US are in favor of the report. However China, North Korea's only ally, said it would 'not help resolve the human rights situation'.

Above all, the organization cannot undertake any real action. Military act is not likely to take place because this would mean an attempt of putting the entire UN members in war with North Korea. Furthermore, millions of casualties and expenditure will inflate. The risk is too high to justify the desired gain.

Kirby and his affiliates are determined to get a positive response from the members. He quoted, "too many times in this building there are reports and no action. Well, now is a time for action. We can't say we didn't know." However, decisions are unclear, as China will likely block any attempt to refer to the North of the International Criminal Court.