North Korea Nuclear Issue.

Essay by icelimit August 2003

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Last April, North Korea declares to the world that they have two nuclear weapons. Even though many countries predicted that North Korea has nuclear weapons, it brought the fear to many countries near North Korea and United States. Many countries agree on that North Korea should not have nuclear weapons, but each country have different opinions for the solution. North Korea wants U.S. to sign the peace treaty that U.S. will not attack North Korea, also they want U.S. to make compensation for not selling their missiles to other countries. With all these demand, North Korea is not giving up their nuclear weapons for their self-defense. On the other side, U.S. wants North Korea to give up nuclear weapons and exporting missiles. U.S. also wants North Korea to rejoin N.P.T. (Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty), but U.S. is not planning to make any compensation that North Korea is demanding. I want the collapse of cruel dictator Kim Chong-il in way we can avoid a tragedy in Korean peninsula and I want help you to find the solution for this problem.

This North Korean nuclear issue is very complicated, because this is not just problem between U.S. and North Korea. Many countries near North Korea are deeply related such as South Korea, China, Japan, and Russia. U.S. can not make the same move that they did to Iraq to solve this matter because of these countries. China will not let U.S. to make military action on their back yard, and a lot of South Korean is afraid of the second Korean War because they know how many people will die if there is another war in Korean peninsula. The another reason that makes U.S. to hesitate attacking North Korea to change government which they really want to change as they did...