The North Sea and its Problems

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The sea is the engine room of the planet. It creates weather and helps to control balance of gasses in the air. The sea produces water through evaporation and rain. This water is essential for life on land, but the sea is vulnerable to upset and abuse. And, if the sea is upset, all of life on earth can be upset.

Our activities destroy life in the seas and oceans. Unless they are controlled, they will ultimately threaten our own survival.

The North Sea is a sea which is mainly surrounded by land. This land is almost the whole of Europe. You can almost guarantee that if you find a river or stream, in Europe, the chances are it will end up in the North Sea. It would be much easier if it was only one country which had to clean up its act, but, it isn't. It is actually most of Europe that is involved.

If there was an agreement, it would have to be signed by all countries and this would be practically impossible to achieve. Therefore the problems in the North Sea aren't just a problem that can be cleared up overnight. The masses of pollution in the North Sea doesn't just destroy the marine life but it also makes recreational activities very difficult. The main problem is that in many instances raw sewage as well as sludge is pumped into the North Sea, that's not to mention the tons of direct dumping, atmospheric pollution, agriculture run-off, oil spillage, industrial waste including chemicals and other factors. Many British beaches are totally unfit for swimming because of the awful raw sewage swept ashore, totally spoiling what would be beautiful natural beaches. This problem is on a world scale. Something needs to be done.

Seas have always been...