"North Sydney, NS: A Primary Aspect Defining Our Livlihood"

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If residents dwelling within the town of North Sydney, Cape Breton, were asked to share their understanding of the towns historical past, chances are that many people's knowledge would be limited. A large number of people may not be aware of the rich history the town itself has, spanning over approximately 217 years. One aspect of the community, which most people would find impossible to overlook, is the town's port. It has been a vital asset to the town and without it; North Sydney wouldn't be where it is today. It was through this port that consumption goods arrived for the first 100 years of the town's development, as there was no internal production at the time. Though many people acknowledge the existence of the towns primary industry, many aren't aware of the instances and events, which shaped not only the industry, but also the town itself. In uncovering the past of North Sydney, many would admit that it's a past worth being celebrated.

After capturing Louisburg from the French for the second time in 1758, the 'Treaty of Paris' allowed Great Britain to seize control of Cape Breton. It wasn't until 1784 when Major Frederick Wallet DesBarres, a British officer, was appointed the Lieutenant of Cape Breton. After arriving on Cape Breton Island and spending a short time in Louisburg, Major DesBarres along with 3 ships of British loyalists, migrated to what is known today as Sydney.

Founded in 1785, the town of Sydney, which would be declared the capital of Cape Breton, was in the process of expanding its population basis. Over the following years, people known as 'the first grantees' were settling Sydney's Northside districts, under the name of North Sydney. The first grantees were those persons (loyalists) who received crown grants (given amounts...