Northern Ireland

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A.) The protestants thought that it was right what happened on Bloody Sunday because the British and loyalist soldiers were having missiles, bricks and glass thrown at them so the soldiers took cover and waited for the command to move in but it was not authorized, so they had to wait. Then they tried to separate the rebels from the civilians by using a huge high powered water cannon some of the civilian protesters went away but some stayed along with the rebels this only stopped the rebels for a while then they were back throwing all sorts again. The army called in to see if they could move in again but still they had to wait longer. They thought if they used gas then that would stop the rebels from throwing missiles so they deployed gas bombs but the rebels just got shields such as fences and bin tops and covered their mouths with item of clothing and started to throw them back.

This angered the armies. Shortly after all this happened the army getting ready to move in apparently came under fire. So they had to move in and take out the listed rebels but then just randomly shot civilians even if they were trying to help each other. The protestant soldiers that were involved in this incident were not charged and the debate other this is still going on today.

The partition of Ireland from the protestant point of view was a good thing because they were divided from the Catholics but still not safe which they still feel today. They thought it was a good idea because they were getting the rights that they believed they deserved because when the Catholics ruled they had no rights they didn't even have the right to housing because if...