Northern Ireland, part 3

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The joint framework document is an attempt at peace set in 1995 with the British and Irish governments. One of the ideas is to set up a new government(parliament) for Northern ireland so it can meet regulary with the Southern council. In these meetings they would discuss a whole range of issues of both sides common intrests. Future peace talks would be assisted by the ira on the conditon that they decomisoned all of their weapons. But the IRA said they could not do this as the are an army and they might need them incase something happened such as a war.

The Good Friday Agreement was set up in 1998 to make sure that N. Ireland was run correctly and all decisions would require consent from both communities this was one cindition. Here Is some of the conditions is that the irish government would give up its claim that the north was part of its terroritry, They would release most of the paramilitry prisoners and there would be a review of the RUC and there would be appropiate changes to it that boths sides agreed to.

Source one is the downing street declaration it was set in 1993.

The british government accepted that the irish unity was an issue for irish people but said that it could only happen with the consent of the people living in the North of Ireland. The irish government accpeted at it could only go through if it had the full consent of the irish unity. This was one of the first break thorughs that these two goverments have made together. Both goverments from the communities agreed to set up meetings at discuss issues concerning both communities this was a break through as they never agreed to meet.

Some of the problems that still...