Northrop Frye: The Educated Imagination: "The Motive for Metaphor"

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4.It is impossible that literature can outgrow society like a scientific civilization. Technology acts as a fast-paced system that improves and updates everyday. Unlike literature, it was popular back in a different generation when Shakespeare was introduced and technology was limited. Many drama scenes and plays were performed, not just for acting, but to demonstrate powerful emotions and depth within the character. Plays were often performed on stages or theatres to entertain a king, queen or an audience. During the present time, our scientific civilization has outgrown society and surpassed literature. For example, books can be read, found, and bought on the internet. The favor in society going to libraries or Shakespearean plays has decreased throughout each year. The only literature popular in the present is the poetry of music. Our scientific civilization has even provided electronic accessories to support literature such as iPod's and mp3's. As for now, literature will not outgrow society while technology and science dominates over the world.

There are many artists, poets and authors out in the world attempting their best efforts to keep literature alive and still enjoyable. Society may not realize that literature is as important as science, but it actually fuels our imagination and sparks a little knowledge into our minds. There is a powerful saying that goes "When you dream, you imagine, you think and you put it to the test". When undiscovered artists/authors have time on their hands, they become creative and original thinkers. It is completely random at first when they think of an idea; afterwards they make the connections to discover a new story/poem. Literature will never be outgrown in our society especially poetry. For example, everyone listens to poetry almost everyday by their favorite singer or artist. Some people don't notice the lyrics they...