Not on the AP Curriculum? A Separate Peace Speech.

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Blaring and piercing, clamors ring in the student's heart as he tries to calm himself down. Blasting and pricking, clamors echo through the student's mind as he tries to compose a highly sophisticated essay for his English AP exam. Despite being nervous, the student seems to be a mature writer and experiences only minor difficulties, having read numerous advanced novels in his past English classes. These books on the AP curriculum aid students not only on the English AP exam, but also in everyday writing, by advancing a more mature style. This collection of books includes major works by Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, along with A Separate Peace, which is a required study for English II Pre-AP students. While some of these students consider the book as excessively prolonged, others believe that the novel should be taught in every curriculum through every generation. Perhaps some people feel that the novel is exceptionally somber, others indicate that the masterpiece contains the theme that all human beings create enemies for themselves and go to war against them, along with a mature style that can enable English students to advance their writing style.

Obviously, "A Separate Peace", by John Knowles, should be included on the AP curriculum because of its style and the theme it incorporates.

Primarily, the author utilizes a sophisticated style. The structure of the sentences in the novel shows complexity that every refined writer should be able to grasp. A variety of sentences, including complex and compound sentences, are present in this masterpiece, along with simple ones that portray the author's ideas clearly and effectively. In studying this novel, we, as English II Pre-AP students, are able to refine the structures of our sentences by analyzing sentences by an experienced writer like John Knowles. Additionally, the author employs...