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The Mafia: Why it started and Whatnot The Mafia was started because Sicily was always being taken over by so-called "outsiders." The people in Sicily were hardly ever happy because they were always being taken over. So, the people there decided to take action. And so there formed what we now know as Mafia or also know as organized crime. (Organized Crime 15-21.) The Mafia started back in the 9th century in Sicily. At that certain point in time, Sicily was always being taken over by other people. These invaders included the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Saracens and Normans. (Organized Crime 16-17) Sicily was always being overtaken. The biggest heighten was during the rule of the Spanish Bourbon Kings. (Organized Crime 17-18) La Costa Nostra is based in Sicily. "La Costa Nostra" refers to the different families, which make up organized crime. Not only is the LCN based in Sicily, but it is also based in the United States.

The American LCN refers to 25 ethnic Italian families. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does not care much for the LCN. In fact, the top priority is to eliminate the LCN. (Organized Crime 16-17) At this time, the Mafia was a secret society. This organization usually gains great control (politically and economically) over parts of the society of Sicily. (Mafia 46) The direct intent was to unify the natives against their enemies. But, the Mafia created a sense of family based on ancestry and Sicilian tradition. That is why the Mafia has a strongly hierarchical layout. (History of the Mafia.) The structure has a very strict and definite order of command. About 9 different groups are ranked on this order of command. The highest-ranking group is the commission. The commissions are the heads of...