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Danny Burke Period 1 Date:02/26/02 To be federalist or Anti-Federalist… That is the Question… The ratification of the Constitution will shape the whole outcome of the United States. One in-correct decision may ruin America and the lives of all people, whom have come to know and like. I am a federalist because in order for a nation to prosper, one must try and experience all types of governments. Only then can we understand what type of government that would suffice us. If we never question our government, move forward, and strengthen the country, with new ideas our nation, as we know it will never truly prosper.

First, by not changing or questioning our government, or in this case the constitution, how will we know what other ways that we are capable of running our country. By adding or making changes to what is already in the Constitution, we could increase the performance of our central government.

Second, by moving forward we can increase individual states powers. By increasing each individual states power of authority, it will allow each state to make and their own laws as long as they also abide by the laws of the country. This should optimize the performance of each state allowing it to prosper individually. Thus, in the long run, allowing the country to thrive as one.

Third, as a country we need to keep moving forward, looking back on the past to making sure not to repeat any past errors but at the same time not dwell in the past. We can only hope for rebellions to occur and anticipate that this will help the country.

In conclusion, every ratification or adjustment will not be perfect and benefit the country, but we will never know if we can approve our central government. The ratification of the constitution will decide how we as the citizens, live in the years to come in the United States. By having one centralized government and by everyone obeying the same kinds of laws, it will unite the country into one STRONG nation.