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Scary stories always have a start and a finish. Yes, it can be boring. Wouldn't you like to read one with a punch line? Anyway, scary stories can be misleading and overrated, but being mislead can be like a scary story. Therefore, I bring you to the wonderful city called London, where Angie shouts at her mother telling her she wants to go back to Boston, anyway, my story begins here.

Angie has always been the new girl at school with the rich mother and new house in the city. Everyone made fun of her clothes and brand name trainers, as their parents could not afford these things as her mother could. Her mother was a power mad lawyer, who must have sued about 16 people, even cases like " you touched me". People knew what she and her mother were like. The girls in her school even went as far as calling her names about it.

Everyday she would run home crying, telling her mother about her day, yet her mother was hidden under stacks of papers and forms and forms for lawsuits, but she didn't have time to hear it, so she always just said,

" Not my problem".

One day, the most popular boy at school, Josh Daniels, asked her out. First, she thought it was a joke and went into Hysterics yelling at him because she gets enough slaggs from her clothes, and didnt need it from him too. It wasnt until he held her hand and said,

"You can trust me". And she fell deep into his eyes, and knew she was safe.

"Yes." She said. She did not know what to say but was glad when he said,

"Ok, good". People did not make fun of her much anymore, but they...