"Not For Ourselves Alone"

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"Not For Ourselves Alone" The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B.Anthony An impressive documentary on two inspiring women who revolutionized the political and social condition of all American women. They were the driving forces behind women's right movement. Elizabeth Stanton was the leading voice, the thinker, whereas Susan Anthony was the powerhouse who commandeered the all the legions of women. They were smart, independent women worthy of admiration and respect back then and in any year or era.

Personally, I think the circumstances in which they grew up in and lived made them who they were, not to mention their drive and intellect, of course. Susan Anthony's Quaker upbringing exposed her in many ways to many reform causes of the day. The fact that Quakers believe in equality and most importantly that she had her father's approval for a higher education in those times made her a perfect candidate to start something with such consequences.

The fact that she was cranky, unwed, educated and independent helped so much in the propelling of these ideals.

As for Elizabeth Stanton who came from a wealthy family, who was married and had seven children, was a very unlikely revolutionary. But several occurrences in her past became her driving force. After the last of her brothers died, and was told by her own father he wished she were a boy, Elizabeth fought and fought to make her father proud. She also had the blessing of marrying a wonderful man, an abolitionist who supported her in every step of the way.

I think it really was such an advantage to have the type of men that they had in their lives. It gave them the chance to go about their business without being pointed at, challenged or criticized.

I would like...