The Not So Great Gatsby It describes the irony and the political incorrectness of calling Gatsby great.

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Jay Gatsby or Herman Gatz as we have learned to know wasn't that great, and neither was his dream. He seemed all right in the beginning of the novel, then the truth was revealed. Gatsby was just a simple man with a Dream, which was fine, but the means he went by to attain his dream where wrong. He was probably thinking that his ends would justify his means, but he ended up alone and dead in a swimming pool. A bullet was all his dreams got him. I think if he had a different way of trying to reach his goals the whole tragedy of his life could have been avoided.

Wanting to be with Daisy was fine, but changing his whole life and image to get to her was over doing it. Putting up a false front for himself was his first wrong move. He should have stayed honest with himself and if Daisy was truly the woman for him she would have still loved him.

Changing his name was completely ridiculous and his new name Jay Gatsby embodied nothing but fraud and dishonesty. His name led him on a new path in his life one that would eventually and certainly lead to heartbreak. Even though he did these dastardly deeds they were nothing compared to the new lows he would stoop to.

Wanting to be rich and famous wasn't wrong, but the way Gatsby did it surely was. Joining those people in society that are criminals to get rich is careless and it's not the right way to go about life. You look at Gatsby's house and you see a big breath-taking mansion, but what you don't see is his shady dealings with people such as Wemnster who may or may not have rigged the 1919 World...