What Not To Wear

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Why do we feel the need to wear such expensive designer name brand clothes? Is it to fit in, to be like everybody else, to pretend to be somebody that we are not? Why do we feel clothes are not as "cool" unless they are top price? Is it what the media is telling us and Hollywood, or is this everyone's 'true' style? In order to fit in we have be conditioned and molded to think you must be tall, slim, tanned, and most importantly have good clothes. Everyone today is so focused on what they are wearing and how they look, they don't stop to realize that it is all one big joke.

If one day the most popular girl in school was wearing a bright yellow scarf around her head, no matter how dumb it looked, within a week everyone at that school would be wearing it.

Maybe that first girl actually liked it, or maybe she didn't. However, at least she, unlike her followers, are trying something new and not just following a trend. Those people following her just wear it because they think its cool and they can not think or have original thoughts for themselves. They will continue wearing it even if it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world, just to fit in that much more. Does every girl enjoy wearing ripped up jeans? Doubt it, have you ever tried walking knee deep in the snow having a bunch of rips in your pants? Not very much fun, and you may end up with a bit of frost bite. Now don't get me wrong some people have their own style that they invent and is their own and nobody else's. Those people are at least being...