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Islam Notes

*NEED TO HAVE QUOTES IN RESPONSES (Hajj doesn't have quotes)

Explain the contribution to the development and expression of Islam of Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid

Analyse the effect of this person on Islam

Considered first Muslim due to unquestioning submission to Allah- she displayed Tawhid (oneness and unity of God). Set the benchmark for level of faith for Islam, itself meaning "one who submits to god".

Also considered first Muslim with her display of the Shahada (public declaration of faith) - first to publicly declare that there was no god but Allah and Muhammad was the messenger of Allah, despite receiving some of the harassment that her husband had to endure

Significant to Islam in her faith and support of her husband (Sirah of Ibn Hashim "Khadijah had faith, and believed in what he (Muhammad) brought from Allah. In this way, Allah helped his prophet." See the worth of support, belief in Allah and Muslims try to emulate this in their lives

Expression of Islam in changing her life. Her early life and life with Muhammad she displayed selflessly the concept of Zakat (practice of giving charity and alms) clothing and feeding the poor and helping her relatives financially.

As well her decision to give up her businesses to support her family financially and the work of Muhammad in establishing the faith- giving up for religion.

Also shows that while one can and should be successful in the worldly life it shouldn't take away from placing Allah as the focus of their lives which Muhammad instructs is where we'll find true success: "Consider the Declining day. Surely man is indeed in loss, except those (i) who believe and (ii) do good, and (iii) exhort one another to Truth, and (iv) enjoin one another to perseverance . (103:1-3)." And...