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English 101 Assignment #4 Ideas: 11/30 First Version/Peer Review: 12/5 Final Version 12/7 Choose one of the following prompts and write a coherent, well-supported, thesis-driven essay. Your paper should be in 12-point Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins all around and a properly formatted works cited page. If you draw on outside research, no more than one of your sources may be from the internet.

1. Investigate a controversial issue in a field of work in which you are interested. Then write a 1200-word essay in which you choose a side of the controversy and defend it. Remember that you will be writing for a general audience, so you may need to give some background about the issue and give some idea of why there is opposition to your view. By the same token, you'll want to couch your discussion in relatively jargon-free language so that the layman can understand.

You should draw on at least two sources not from Reading Culture.

2. Choose a profession that you think is being unethically (not necessarily the same as unrealistically) represented in the media, then write a 1200-word essay that describes the representation, shows why it's unethical, and describes what a more ethical representation would look like. Again, you should draw on at least two sources not from Reading Culture.

3. Samuelson writes, "We are uneasy with the possibility that what's bad for individuals may be good for society. But this may be, and the argument is not simply that downsizing enables some companies to survive. The notion is broader: It is that the anxieties that unsettle people may make them more prudent and productive in ways that strengthen the economy." Drawing on articles by Bragg and Marable, write a 1200-word essay in which you attempt to refute Samuelson's claim. You...