Notes on Egypt's history, culture and general things to find in the city. instructions from teacher: To make simple one page notes on Egypt's history, general information and Egypt today.

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Egypt started 5,000 years ago, and lasted for over 3,000 years, longer than most other civilizations in the world's history. It lies between Africa and the Middle East. This ancient country holds a history of over 6,000 years. The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the tomb of young King Tut are just a few pyramids built to bury thre rich and the royal.. The majority of the population in Egypt lives in an area along the Nile River called the Nile Valley and the Nile Delta. As a result, many places in this region are extremely crowded, with several thousand persons per square kilometer. Egypt's civilians today are mostly Ancient Egyptians, Arabs, Turks, and other peoples are blended in their ancestry. About half of the population of the Nile Delta are fellahin (pronounced fel-uh-heen), or peasants--either small landowners or laborers--living on the produce of the land. The average family of fellahin has four or five children, who start working as soon as they are able to do so.

Most fellahin, especially the women, spend their lives in drudgery. The areas to the west and the east of the Nile River--the Western and the Eastern Deserts--only contain small settlements of semi-nomads--the Bedouins (pronounced bed-oo-in). They live by herding goats, sheep, and camels, or by trading--mainly with mining and petroleum camps, or with fishing communities on the coast. The Bedouins families are about the same size as the fellahin families, except that many Bedouin husbands have from two to four wives.



Egyptian history begins around 3300 BC. This was when the Egyptians finally had enough symbols in their writing to record history. From 3100 BC inscriptions created a way for later Egyptians. It was also the time when the pharaoh, King Menes, created Egypt by uniting the...