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Chapter 16 Key Notes and Dates

First half of the 1980's, Regan had massive military in virtually every category of weaponry.

December 8, 1987 Reagan and Gorbachev eliminate all intermediate-range nuclear force from European stage called the INF Treaty

INF Treaty removed one fifth of the existing nukes in the world

START (Strategic Arms Reduction Talks)1982, 9 years of negations signed during G. H. W. Bush's administration

START put strict restrictions on basaltic missile warheads and launchers

December 1991 Gorbachev announced a substantial cut in soviet military; So did Reagan in the year 1988

Poland first satellite of Russia to become free; General Jaruzelski Becomes prime minster of Poland and puts in Free market reforms in 1981

Jan 1990, Hungarian asks for removal of Soviet forces, approved in March.

In Czechoslovakia replace past president for famous playwright Vaclav Havel Dec. 1989

All Soviet troops removed in Czech and Hungary in the summer of 1991

Nov 9 1989 travel restrictions lifted in East Germany

October 3, 1990 the frontier markets that had been separated the two German states since 1949

Borris Yeltsin becomes chairman in May 1990.

1991 he put in reform to free economy and disable communism

On December 25 1991 Gorbachev resigns as president

Vladimir Putin was put into power after Yeltsin in 2000

Putin increased in world energy prices which enabled the country to use enormous oil and natural gas.

Chapter 22

Hague Conference of 1899, an intergovernmental gathering attended by delegates of all major world powers.

More than 112,000 U.N. Peacemakers by the end of 2010 around the world by the UN

120 countries in 1998 established the International Criminal Court (ICC) which held down crimes committed by nations.

GATT Established in 1947 as forum negotiating the reduction of tariffs and other barriers on the exchange...