Notes on Jamestown Settlement and Jamestown Island

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Jamestown Settlement - Tuesday, August 26th

· Powhatan Indian Village

= Powhatans lived in small, semi-permanent villages

= obtained food and raw materials from rivers, streams, forests, and agricultural fields

= lived in huts called Yehakins

= fire-pit outside probably used for cooking

= inside of Yehakin - deer skin used for sitting areas - very soft

= darker inside, making much cooler temperatures in summertime

= fire-pit inside probably used for warmth, with hole above in ceiling for ventilation

· Jamestown Fort

= English have armor/weapons made of metal

= houses seem structured to be more like houses today

= English houses are more structured than Powhatan Yehakins

= have fireplaces with chimneys

Jamestown Island (Five-mile Tour) - Tuesday, August 26th

· Brick

= colonists produced most of their own brick and tile at each building site

= early exports of the colony included

o potash (used in the manufacturing of glass)

o soap ash (yields liquid soap)

· Hardwood

= in time, settlers cleared all of the hardwood forests from Jamestown Island

· Ice Pit

= perishables were often stored in huts built over pits filled with layers of fresh-water ice and straw

= trapped, frigid air could keep meat and dairy products fresh until Autumn

= other skills brought from the Old World besides preservation of food included

o milling

o baking

o brewing

· Disease

= in first 18 years that colonists lived at Jamestown, six out of seven residents died

· Clay Materials

= pots were thick-walled, symmetrical

= clay - red when fired

= pipes were hand-made rather than imported from England

· Wine

= colonists tried to make wine from grape vines in New World to ship to England; idea failed because wine spoiled during trip to England

· Trade

= English traded...