Notes on Minoan Society During the Bronze Age

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Minoan Society

The Bronze Age, aka first golden age on Europe:

Important changes in the way societies were organised at the start and through the Bronze Age. In the daily lives of ordinary people and in their religious beliefs and artistic expression. Great technological progress was made during this time, marked in particular by the widespread adoptions of Copper, Bronze and Gold Metallurgy across Europe between 2400-600bc.

Three stages to the Bronze Age, each representing a significant technical improvement in the use of bronze and gold.

Early Bronze Age 2400-1600BC

Middle Bronze Age 1500-1200BC

Late Bronze Age 1200-600BC

A way of dating a period by pots is called Sequencing, Seriation, and Typology.

Dating of Minoan History:

There are two classifications used for the dating of Minoan civilization. The earliest was developed by sir Arthur evans, based upon changing style of pottery; more recently Nicholas Platon revised the system and his classifications are based upon architectural and cultural changes in the palaces.

Overview: Growth + Climax of Minoan Civilization

C 3500-1425BC.

Neolithic Period c.6000-3500BC - Stone Age Crete

Prepalatial Period c.3500-2000BC - Beginning of the Bronze Age

First Palatial Period c.2000-1700BC - Minoan Palaces and Writing

First palaces destroyed by earthquake (c.1700BC) grander palaces replaced them.

Second Palatial Period c.1700-1450BC - Period of Greatest Prosperity

Palaces grander than predecessors, retained the central courtyard but this time the buildings completely surrounded the courtyard. Buildings featured internal corridors and wide flights of stairs connecting various palace quarters, and large numbers of magazines (storage rooms).

Third Palatial Period c.1450-1070BC - Period of Mycenaean Domination

Decline of Minoan Civilization. Massive earthquakes c.1450BC ruined all of the palaces, though Knossos less badly. Further damage by fire - perhaps lamps over turned during quake, perhapsrebellion or incasion.

Third Palace Ruined (c.1425-1050BC) Mycenauans Occupied , Knossos, marked change...