Notes about Patriot movie - a character sketch of the British

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Patriot notes

British army - appears to be more organized, disciplinary

American army - confuse, scare, disorganized

(emergency hospital) first time is British army thankful, then Tavington - cruelty, inhuman behaviour

black staff - free men - act of grace to fight and die for the king

15 years old guy killed by Tavington - got shot to the back - Tavington: "stupid boy"> cruelty, unfair, arogancy

injured American soldiers killed > house burnt......disagreement from soldiers - they have to listen him > otherwise follow summary punishment (death) - Tavington actually doesn't represent whole Britain

>dramatic music + slow motion for effect

British army - "fanatic", organize, disciplinary

American army - ' colonists ran away ' > disorganization

Lord Cornwallis - "inept rustics" > not talented farmers - arogancy, triumph

Even the British camp organized

Crown revotes people by giving them land - actually gratification

Cornwallis > Tavington is not a gentleman - They can't shoot injured American soldiers and civilians > "Britain believe to justice"

Tavington: " I advanced myself by victory"

People expected to fight against Britain > hang on - obvious cruelty

Little American victory > Cornwallis upset - loosing of reputation

Britain - overconfident

Gabe - no killing soldiers without weapons > " We are better than they are"

Tavington - his victory - trace of his geniality > his weak point


obvious derogation - farmers with .........

classical music, ostentatious clothes, "foolishness" > represents British upper class -British superiority - arogancy, conventions

ship explosion = dishonour

change of possession - Cornwallis dogs

British camp - normal soldiers vers. Comfort and wealthy of Cornwallis house

Change of the British soldiers against the Americans - "This is not conduct of the gentleman"

Discovery - treason > change in Cornwallis behaviour

Tavington - offer from Cornwallis -...