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Chap. 1

The Eve of the War:

FACT/ EVENT: Mars shoots 10 "missiles" at earth. Oglivy believes that there is life on Mars and he obsesses of over the missiles coming to Earth.

QUOTE: "Missile is 10,000,000 miles away from Earth at night."

Chap 2

The Falling Star:

FACE/ EVENT: Something falls on Horsel it is the first cylinder. The top of the cylinder comes off and kills many men and reveals life from Mars. The newspapers being to rave about the life and people get exited.

QUOTE: "The first star falls on Horsel."

Chap 3

On Horsel Common:

FACT/ EVENT: The cylinder just lie there and nothing really happens. People have seen what is inside but nothing is really going on around the cylinder and people begin to get frightened.

QUOTE: "A message from Mars."

Chap 4

The Cylinder Opens:

FACE/ EVENT: A metal screw pops off the top of the cylinder and unveils what is inside.

A Martian is sitting their with it tentacles rapped up and there is a big ditch now surrounding the cylinder.

QUOTE: (PG. 17) "A big grayish bulk rounded bulk, the size, perhaps of a bear, was rising slowly and painfully out of the cylinder."

Chap 5

The Heat Ray:

FACT/ EVENT: The town people begin to approach the cylinder with a white flag as a sign of intelligence but then the heat ray begins to take effect.

QUOTE: "A greenish smoke arose from the hole and a hissing sound became audible, it was a sort of flame. A glare leapt from man to man. Then it was as if each man turned into fire. I ran and wept like a child feeling that a mysterious death loomed around me."

Chap 6

The Heat Ray in the Chobham Road: