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Many people believe deeply in their "religion". But religion is a make believe story. how can people know what the ultimate truth is? Every person i know has their own religion. Me? i have my own. It is not one that has been preached to me, but one i formed from the facts i have gathered while going through life.

I believe no one has the right to tell another what to and what not to believe. There must be a god, or greater power. Everyone believes in this, even Athiests. The name of the god each person worships is different, but essentially everyone believes in the same thing overall, aside from everything else.

I am not saying religion is bad. As a matter of fact, religion is needed in this world to keep order. Without it, no one would have :rights: or "wrongs". There would not be life because there would be no order.

For as long as man has walked the earth, he has believed in something greater than himself. We sit here today and call the greek;s religion greek myths. In two thousand years, if man is still in existance, he will then call the religion that we have today a myth and begin believing in "god" in a different way.

In conclusion, religion is not real. The search for the truth will continue forever. It is wrong to call another's religion bluff, because who knows, maybe it is you who is confused.