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Throughout this book Graffiti Moon there is a boy called Shadow who is actually Ed and he is also someone who likes to graffiti anywhere he wants to. And there is a girl called Lucy who has been looking for Shadow for a whole entire life but "they cannot find each other until they have found themselves first"

Shadow is guy with split personality one side of him is Shadow who graffiti's art on the thing that fascinates him and the other side is his normal life has high schooler who goes with the name Ed. He work part time at a pain shop which is own by one of his friends. Ed though by been Shadow he will gain confidence and that he didn't need to let anyone know that he was Shadow. By been Shadow he has gained an admirer who is constantly chasing after him since the day she found out that there is a mysterious guy going out at night and grafting the walls with emotional pictures.

Ed has fallen in love with a girl called Lucy and try's to tell her that he is Shadow the one who has been doing all the grafting on the walls but he can't because "to tell a secret you must trust yourself" first and he doesn't trust himself at all or have the guts to tell her.

Lucy is a girl with a passion for a graffiti guy called shadow. Lucy's whole life started when she heard there was a mysterious in town and was grifting wall of amazing things. Lucy is in love with Shadow but does not know who he really is or what he even looks like al she knows is that he graffiti's under the moon light. Lucy...