Nothing compares to Friendship.

Essay by mwithm November 2005

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To change the way of man's thinking may be more difficult than to

change the whole world. I know a girl who managed it. The girl who

wanted to change the world and changed my view on life without her

realizing it. The girl has two sacred words .Panta rei. engraved on her

tomb. We were an inseparable couple already from childhood, friends for life

and death. We grew up together, shared good and bad times together,

walked on the roofs of houses together, counted stars in the sky together

and thought about rainbow chasing together. We went to the same

school, to the same class, sat at the same desk.

Eva was always there for me to lean on. We loved each other but not like

lovers do, but like people who have always something to talk about, who

can rely on each other and who can find support and understanding in

each other.

Eva was my mother, father, sister, little Buddha to me. One could stroll

in Paris with her, fly in the balloon, climb Mt. Everest with her without

even moving from an armchair.

When we were ten, Eva's hair began gradually vanishing. Day by day she

had less and less of them. At the age of twelve she was completely bald.

If Eva's nickname had not been 'Pumpkin head', she would have not been

bothered at all. I remember how glad she was when she did not have to

comb or wash her hair.

Eva often talked to me about her adventures at the hospital; about some

kind of treatment, about terribly nice doctors but never talked about her

disease. I was never taking her for a sick person, for me she was always

the same smiling Eva whom I would be ready to...