Nothing to fear from pornography: Pornography in our society

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How it that some can claim that legal pornography's harmful when no scientific evidence has been discovered to support such claims? The reason is because these individuals listen to the falls allegations made against pornography by the church and other conservative groups and individuals in our society, and overtime these individuals begin to believe these false allegations. I however believe that legal pornography is not harmful, and those that say otherwise are only trying to deceive the public.

So who is responsible for pushing the idea that pornography is harmful? Unfortunately this is not an easy question to answer. There is not a single person or organization that is responsible for pushing this false idea. However, there are a few organizations and individuals in our society that hold the most responsibility for pushing this notion. The first and probably most responsible is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church wants you to believe that pornography is a sin, and anyone who views it is almost surely going to hell.

The members of the church make ridiculous claims such as: "pornography is the work of the devil" and "pornography is evil". In 1998, Bishop Paul Johnson stated that pornography is "satanic" and a "tool used by the devil". My question to Mr. Johnson is: how can he make these statements when he has no evidence what so ever to back them up with? The obvious answer is that he can't.

So if these members of the church do not have any documented evidence that pornography is harmful, why do they make such claims to begin with? Why do they waste their time on making allegations against pornography based only on opinions? The answer to that is control. The members of the church are smart enough to realize that pornography goes against...