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The first thing that the patient wanted to warn me about was that he wasn't mad. But just after that, he mentioned his "deseas".

This was a sort of introduction to his sordid "story" as he call it. He made pauses, repetitions "slowly, very, very slowly" accentuated some words, put the intonation, and raise questions of wich he already has the answer, to create suspens. He tried to manipulate. He litterally talked about it like it was an exciting adventure during all the interview. He enjoyed tell it, and was very proud of. "You should have seen how wisely I proceeded" "I could scarcely contain my feelings of triumph." He almost bragged about how he proceed.

It seems that what pushed him to kill the old man, was his "Evil Eye", it's how everything start apparently. As he told, the old man never wronged him, he loved him, and had no good reason to want him dead.

But it was like he gave himself the mission to close this eye forever. The beating of the old man's heart also seemed to disturb him. He start to talk about the murder as a task, he call it "the work". A thing is sure, it's unusual to kill a man because of his eye.

He pretend to know the victim's feelings and described them "The old man's terror must have been extreme!" "He had been trying to confort himself". Moreover he described it but it's not important to know if he want to prove that he isn't mad, but he clearly talked about because he liked it, he liked telling his story.

He seems to not be conscious of what he did, the only thing wich is important is that he killed the Evil Eye. He doesn't think about...