Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

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April 7, 2013

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

Over thirty three percent of the United States is obese, so one would think being on the heavy side would be socially acceptable. Yet there seems to be some obsession over losing weight in society today. Some achieve weight loss through proper nutrition and exercise; others resort to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. While being the most obese country in the world, America also has the highest mortality rate of eating disorders today (2005). Disorders such as these can involve an extremely low food intake which can be detrimental to a person's health. The main cause of this illness is brought upon by the concern of body weight and shape, but why be so concerned over one's physique? Risking one's life to simply be "skinny" may seem extreme, but that has not stopped people from contracting this disorder; society may be to blame for this increasing problem.

Beauty ideals in society have gone through drastic alterations throughout the decades. During the middle of the eighteenth century, a fleshy and full figure was actually considered a sign of health and prosperity (Perceptions). In the nineteenth century, having an abnormally small waist and large upper and lower body was considered beautiful. In order to obtain this look, women used corsets. This often resulted in shortness of breath and even rib distortion (Reshaping the Body); yet this method was socially acceptable because it achieved a beauty ideal at that time. In the 1920's, the idea of curviness being ideal had ended. During that time feminism had taken over and the "in" look for women was a boyish figure. "They were out to prove that they were every bit as good as...