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How does Malorie Blackman create a vivid picture of the bomb and its aftermath in this passage?

A shocked atmosphere concludes this chapter with a bombing of Dundale shopping centre in the book noughts and crosses, Malorie Blackman makes the aftermath and bombing of the Dundale shopping centre very vivid for the reader by using very interesting and useful word and phases.

Firstly, Malorie Blackman uses many ominous hints and foreshadowing to create a vivid picture of what was about to happen in chapter forty -nine. "A tense, watchful atmosphere entered the room like a chilling fog". This creates pathetic fallacy this shows that they are all on edge with one another and that they can't be natural it is as if their emotions have been chilled and this suggests something bad is going to happen.

The writer uses similes such as "blown off my feet into the air like a dry leaf in high wind "this is an effective techniques because it tells the reader that the explosion struck so hard that Persephone Hadley seemed to literally fly in the air and the words "dry" give the reader the feel of how hot it may be that she becomes this "dry".

This gives the explosion the power to "throw" her away because of the impact using personification .The phrase "fraction of a second" tells the reader that it happened so fast that she was unable to even stop or control her actions and she was just being thrown in the air like a toy .

"Billowing smoke shot out of the shopping centre". This makes the smoke come alive, like it has moved and shaped its way .The way that smoke "shot" out gives it a lot of energy and this creates movement into the picture. The adjective "billowing"...